Food & Drink in Tenerife

Gastronomic delights or greasy fast food. What's on offer?

Food & Drink in Playa De Las Americas is relatively cheap compared to the UK and in most instances you can get a good meal out for around €20 including drinks. This is obviously a generalisation and, as you would expect, you get what you pay for so if you after a gourmet restaurant located at a picturesque spot on the beach then expect to pay more.

Canarian's don't have a distinctive cuisine and as you might expect it is heavily Spanish influenced. You'll find a host of Spanish Tapas bars of varying quality as well as almost every other cuisine you could think of. One dish you mist try when you are out there is Canarian potatoes with Mojo sauce (pronounced 'moho'). The Canary Islands tend to follow the same type of dishes as the Spanish so you'll find some hidden gems buried in amongst the international restaurants and almost everywhere will have a good selection of Spanish wines for you to try.

Restaurants can be found all over the resort and there is no real restaurant district. There are 2 well known areas which have a collection of bars and restaurants within a short distance making choosing your eatery a simple task. The first is at the border of Los Cristianos and Playa de Las Americas, close to the casino. Here you'll find a selection of international restaurants offering anything from Chinese to Mexican and food is generally of very good quality. This isn’t the cheapest area to eat in but it is classed as one of the nicest areas to have your evening meal and you can find a number of open terrace restaurants serving locally caught fish and some fantastic steaks. This area is very pretty and although busy is a very relaxed area with no loud party people or live music bars although some do have low key live music. This area is particularly nice for a relaxing drink during the day, early evening or for a quieter night! This area is typically a 10-15 minute walk away from the Veronicas and Starco area and is located on the same road as the Conquistador Hotel, and Parque Santiago 3. If you don't know where you are going then get in a Taxi and ask to be taken to the Parque Santiago 3 and you'll be dropped off right in the centre of the area. A taxi should cost around €3.

The next large cluster of restaurants are to be found on the seafront just up from the Veronicas strip towards the Marina. There's again numerous different types of restaurants serving anything from a bag of chips to a full blown 3 course meal.

On Veronicas you wont find any high class restaurants but if you're in the area then there are a number of nice lunch spots on the beach side of Veronicas. Here you can get the normal type of lunch time food the Spanish server so expect anything from Pizza to Paella. Bars such as Linekers and Wetherspoons will serve your typical pub grub until the early evening but should you fancy a taste from home, you can have a McDonalds or Burger King, all located within 200 yards of each other on the Veronicas strip.

As with any holiday destination, there's good and bad restaurants serving all types of food. There will typically be a restaurant for any taste, be it Chinese, Indian or even Mexican but the variation in quality is immense. The general rules of thumb is to read up on the place you're thinking of going beforehand. If this can't be done then look at how busy it is. If its rammed with people then its likely to be a good place to eat. Many places will employ PR's to tempt the public into the venue but this can be annoying to the general public. The top notch places are likely to let their reputation do the talking rather than applying pressure to potential customers. Don't let this put you off though, there are many places which have PR's and they serve some top quality grub!

If your after Tapas then look no further than Meson Castallano. A fantastic restaurant offering authentic Spanish Cuisine. If Ribs and American type food is your thing then you can't go far wrong with Tony Roma's ribs. For some great dishes, all made with local ingredients and lovingly prepared on premises then head to the Olive Garden in Los Cristianos.