Beach Guide - Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos

The soft sand, the lapping waves at your feet and the perfect place to get a tan. All you need to know about the resort beaches.

Visiting the beach is probably the highest priority for most people when they go on holiday. The combination of the soft sand and glittering ocean is a great way to relax. It’s a simple combination so why have we created a beach guide? The simple answer is because not all beaches in Tenerife are the same!

Tenerife is a volcanic island which is made wholly of volcanic rock. This is a black rock full of sulphur so it’s no surprise that the natural beaches would be black too. This makes for a pretty ugly looking relaxation spot so the Canarian government have built an abundance of man made beaches for the tourists and local alike. You can certainly expect to find the usual golden sand beaches all over the island these days and they are so well maintained you will never know they were man made.

Which one should you go to then?

This really is down to personal preference and will depend greatly on your base location. By far the biggest beach in the area is that of Las Vistas which is half in Las Americas and half in Los Cristianos. You'll always find a bathing spot here and the bay like cove makes the water calm and extremely safe for swimming. There’s not really much in the way of activities on this beach, although there is a fountain and diving platform in the sea for you to make use of. Next to Las Vistas beach you have Los Cristianos beach which is very similar to Las Vistas beach but it adjoins the Los Cristianos harbour. A very pretty beach with a view of the harbour but this can be a little noisy at times with a frequent ferry crossing to La Gomera operating from here. Going back the other way you come to El Camison beach which is where you should head if you want to do water sports such as Jet ski’s, pedalo's and banana boats. It’s a relatively small beach but is very popular with tourists and locals alike. The next beach is La Troya beach, also known as Veronica’s beach due to its location next to the Veronicas strip. This is generally a little grubbier compared to the others but is still majorly popular with the British tourists. It’s the second largest beach in Las Americas and hosts some more relaxing water sports such as Pedalo's. Next up is Puerto Colon beach and marina. This sits next to the Las Americas marina where all the normal boat trips depart from. This beach is pretty small but has the attraction of anchored inflatables in the sea for the young and old to mess about on. There is a small fee should you wish to use these facilities. Finally we reach Fanabe beach. This is located in the more upmarket area of Las Americas and outsize’s its neighbour by a long way. There’s an abundance of parasols and sun loungers so head here if you want a little more relaxation and nicer surroundings.

You can see the location of all the beaches mentioned here in our Tenerife Maps section. For an interactive look at their location, download our Google Earth layer where we have hundreds of points of interest for you to view.

Here is a complete list of beaches in Tenerife along with their location and the type of sand you can expect:

Beach Name Location Sand Type
Agua Dulce Los Silos Rocks
Agua Dulce Arico Rocks
Ajabo Adeje Black sand
Alcalá Guía de Isora Black sand
Almaciga Santa Cruz de Tenerife Black sand
Antequera Santa Cruz de Tenerife Gray sand fina
Arenal La Laguna Grava, Rocks
Arenisco La Laguna Black sand
Arenita Arona Black sand
Baja Larga Guía de Isora Black sand
Barranco Seco Santiago del Teide Black sand
Benijo Santa Cruz de Tenerife Black sand
Caletón de Garachico Garachico Rocks
Callao Hondo Arico Rocks
Cardones Arico Black sand
Casas blancas Santa Cruz de Tenerife Black sand
Castro Los Realejos Black sand
Charco de la Araña Los Silos Rocks
Colmenares San Miguel Rocks
Cueva de La Arena Arico White sand
Cueva del Agua Santa Cruz de Tenerife Black sand
El Abrigo Fasnia Black sand
El Ancon La Orotava Black sand
El Apio La Laguna White sand
El Barranco San Miguel Black sand
El Bobo Adeje White sand
El Bollullo La Orotava Black sand
El Bonito Arico Rocks
El Burro Santa Cruz de Tenerife Black sand
El Callao Güímar Rocks
El Callao Arona Rocks
El Camello Tacoronte Black sand
El Camisón Arona Black sand
El Confital (El Horno) Granadilla White sand
El Draguillo Santa Cruz de Tenerife Black sand
El Duque Adeje Black sand
El Fraile Buenavista Rocks
El Gomero Los Silos Rocks
El Llano Santa Cruz de Tenerife Black sand
El Médano Granadilla White sand
El Medio Granadilla Rocks
El Monís Icod de los Vinos Black sand
El Muelle Puerto de la Cruz Rocks
El Muelle Garachico Black sand
El Navío La Laguna Rocks
El Pinque Adeje Gray sand fina
El Poris Arico Black sand
El Prix Tacoronte Black sand
El Puertito (El Pris) Adeje Black sand
El Puerto de Güimar Güímar Black sand
El Rincón Tacoronte Black sand
El Río Arico Rocks
El Sargo Tacoronte Rocks
El Socorro Los Realejos Rocks
El Socorro Güímar Rocks
El Sombrerito Arico Rocks
El Tachero Santa Cruz de Tenerife Rocks
El Tanque de Vidrio Granadilla Rocks
El Varadero Adeje Rocks
Enojados Arona White sand
Fabián Santa Cruz de Tenerife Black sand
Fañabe Adeje Black sand
Juan López Buenavista Black sand
La Arena Tacoronte Black sand
La Arena Santiago del Teide Black sand
La Ballena Arona Black sand
La Ballenita Buenavista Black sand
La Caleta Adeje Rocks
La Caleta de Interian Garachico Rocks
La Enramada Güímar Rocks
La Enramada Adeje Rocks
La Fajana Los Realejos Black sand
La Garañona El Sauzal Black sand
La Hornilla Candelaria Black sand
La Jaquita Granadilla White sand
La Mareta (Cha Silveria) Granadilla White sand
La Nea El Rosario Black sand
La Pelada Granadilla Black sand
La Pinta Adeje White sand
La Tejita Granadilla White sand
La Viuda Candelaria Black sand
Las Aguas Garachico Black sand
Las Aguas San Juan de la Rambla Rocks
Las Américas 1 y 2 Adeje White sand
Las Arenas Candelaria Black sand
Las Arenas Buenavista Black sand
Las Brujas Santa Cruz de Tenerife Black sand
Las Caletillas Candelaria Rocks
Las Eras Fasnia Black sand
Las Galgas Adeje Rocks
Las Galletas Arona Black sand
Las Gaviotas Santa Cruz de Tenerife Black sand
Las Mujeres Buenavista Black sand
Las Salinas Adeje Rocks
Las Teresitas Santa Cruz de Tenerife White sand
Las Vistas Arona White sand
Los Abriguitos Arico Gray sand
Los Barqueros Buenavista Rocks
Los Cristianos Arona Black sand
Los Gigantes Santiago del Teide Black sand
Los Llanos Santa Cruz de Tenerife Black sand
Los Morteros Adeje Rocks
Los Patos La Orotava Black sand
Los Roques Los Realejos Black sand
Los Roques Fasnia Black sand
Los Troches La Laguna Rocks
Martiánez Puerto de la Cruz Black sand
Masca Buenavista Black sand
Méndez Guía de Isora Rocks
Montaña Roja Granadilla White sand
Playa Amarilla San Miguel Rocks
Playa Amarilla Arona Rocks
Playa Blanca (Diego Hernández) Adeje White sand
Playa Chica Santa Cruz de Tenerife Black sand
San Blas San Miguel Rocks
Playa Grande Arico White sand
Playa Jardín Puerto de la Cruz Black sand
Punta Blanca Guía de Isora Black sand
Roque Bermejo Santa Cruz de Tenerife Black sand
Roquete La Laguna Black sand
San Juan Guía de Isora Black sand
San Juan (Castillo) La Laguna White sand
San Marcos Icod de los Vinos Black sand
San Roque Santa Cruz de Tenerife Black sand
San Roque Garachico Black sand
San Telmo Puerto de la Cruz Black sand
Santiago (El Puertito) Santiago del Teide White sand
Santo Domingo La Guancha Rocks
Tabaiba Santa Cruz de Tenerife Black sand
Tajao Arico Rocks
Tamadite Santa Cruz de Tenerife Black sand
Torviscas Adeje Black sand
Troya Arona Black sand
Valleseco Santa Cruz de Tenerife Rocks

Beach holidays in Tenerife have something for everyone!