Tenerife's Holiday Season

When is it good to go to Tenerife? When is it most busy? When's the best time to visit for weather in Tenerife? All you need to know about when to visit Tenerife!

The Canary Islands are often described as the 'islands of eternal spring' because of their fantastic weather all year round. You can really come at any time without disappointment! Of course during winter it does get a little cooler, but compared to central and northern Europe it is still very hot. Inevitably, the warm winter does tend to draw in the tourists and December to February can definitely be considered 'high season' along with the normal summer holiday period of May to September. The cool sea breezes can be very refreshing compared to the 'scorchers' associated with mainland Spain although be under no illusion, Tenerife can get extremely hot! for more information on the weather and climate, visit our Tenerife Weather and Climate Page.

Tenerife has two distinct times of year when different age groups visit. In the winter months there is a lot more family's and senior people visiting getting away from the cold UK winter. The summer months sees an increase in 18-30 year old visit the island making this the most popular time for the party animals to visit.

Although the nightlife is open all year round, it is by far busiest during the summer months and all tour operators operate their ‘young and lively’ package holidays normally between mid May up to the end of September. During the winter months the majority of the nightlife is still open to accommodate the winter trade but is more subdued compared to its summer alternative.