Introduction to Tenerife

So you want to know a little bit about Tenerife, Playa de las Americas and Los Cristionos? Something about the Canarian food and drink maybe? Or perhaps you want to know everything a tourist guide should provide?

Tenerife is technically a Spanish island but it sits just off the coast of Africa. It is part of the Canarie Islands which enjoy a comfortable climate all year round and are ever popular with the British tourists for this reason. The south of Tenerife is by far the warmest and is populated with tourists, mainly from the UK, Germany and Sweden.

The island itself is a dormant volcano which last erupted in 1918 but nowadays there is hardly a murmur from it so don't worry about it erupting while you're there! The volcano is knows as Mount Tiede and at its peak, is the highest point in the canary islands. Due to Tenerife being a volcanic island, there are a number of black sand beaches all around the coastline and while they look spectacular, the heat retaining 'black' colour will burn your feet. Fear not though! There are plenty of golden sand beaches made specifically for the tourists to which you can laze your days away.

The spoken language in Tenerife is Spanish although true Canarian people speak a variation of Spanish called Canarian. Do yourself a favour and learn some basic Spanish phrases as the locals will appreciate your effort and will be much more friendly and accommodating towards you.

The two main tourist areas in the south of the island are Los Cristianos and Playa De Las Americas which seamlessly join onto each other. Los Cristianos is the quieter of the two attracting mainly families and couples looking for a relaxing holiday while Playa De Las Americas is full of life and is certainly where you will find the party people congregating thanks to its countless restaurants, party bars and clubs. For maps of the resorts visit our Tenerife Maps Section

“Playa”, as it is commonly known, is a custom built tourist resort designed specifically to attract more people to the island and increase revenue. Because of this, Playa de Las Americas is the most famous tourist area in Tenerife, and so this is where you will find plenty of small man made beaches, protected by long breakwaters making it almost perforce for swimming. Being an area with a large number of tourists, always count on meeting a considerable crowd on the beaches. The great thing about this area is that all beaches are just a footstep away from each other. The beach is the place to practice all kinds of water sports and enjoy some lovely scenery. It’s at night when this resort comes to life with countless bars, restaurants and clubs serving into the early hours. Take a look at the Tenerife Bar and Club Reviews for all our reviews on the nightlife in Playa De Las Americas.

There are 3 main areas for nightlife within Las Americas. These places are Veronicas, Starco Commercial Centre and the Patch. Veronicas has a reputation of being dirty, brash and boisterous but the recent redevelopment of all the Veronicas buildings is slowly starting to quash this reputation although the close by Starco Centre has taken advantage of this. Bars on Veronicas include O'Neils, Jumpin' Jacks and Busbies.

Starco Commercial Centre is a block of mainly bars with a few fast food outlets that is situated just away from the Veronicas buildings. It hosts loads of bars in a very small space making hopping from bar to bar an easy task. Starco is the busiest nightlife spot on the island and is home to bars such as Lineker's, Rags and Tramps. You could spend an entire night in this area simply because you have so much choice!

The Patch is lower profile than the other two areas and is 500 yards in the opposite direction to Veronicas. This is home to a lot of cabaret bars and karaoke bars which stay open to varying times as well as a selection of restaurants serving all types of food. Although these bars are still lively, they are more of a family orientated nightlife spot with people of all ages finding something to keep them entertained. For more information on the nightlife areas check out our Tenerife Nightlife Guide and our Tenerife Bar and Club Reviews.