Tenerife Nightlife Guide - The Patch, Veronicas Strip and Starco C.C. in Playa de las Americas

One thing that Tenerife is not lacking in is nightlife. Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos have plenty to offer with hundreds of Bars, Restaurants and night clubs to choose from. From cabaret to karaoke, it has it all!

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By far the most lively resort in Tenerife is Playa de las Americas; Having an array or bars, clubs and restaurants to suit all tastes and budget. Most of the main nightlife is centred around three areas; The patch, Veronicas and Starco Commercial Centre. That's not to say that these are the only places to get your nightlife fix but you won't have to look far to find something to your tastes in any of these areas! Nightlife of different types can be found all over the resort from chill out bars to Spanish influenced clubs.

Lets tackle these one by one:

The Patch:

The patch offers complete family entertainment in a multi level commercial centre that is crammed with restaurants, bars and shops. Here you will find all your cabaret and karaoke bars and family entertainment taking you through until about 3am. Most bars here are children friendly and a lot will also serve food during the day and into the evening. There's numerous live music bars here with some form of singer or band as well as the typical draq queen cabaret shows that have become so popular with the British tourists. There are a smattering of dedicated restaurants here as well for a more formal meal as well as some good take away's if you want to eat on the move. The area surrounding the Patch has recently been pedestrianise and is perfectly safe for all ages.

The Starco Centre

Next is Veronicas and Starco. Both areas are very close to each other making jumping from bar to bar quick and easy. There are no entrance fees to any bar or club in this area and most don't have a dress code although bare chests are strictly forbidden. Bars are generally open until 4am with nightclubs open until around 6.The epicentre of the Starco Centre is Tramps Nightclub who host regular event nights with top named DJs gracing the decks throughout the summer.

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