Tenerife Google Earth

What's all this Tenerife Google Earth Layer about? - Simply, put its an interactive map of Tenerife, Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos that has pin points detailing where every hotel, apartment, bar, club, restaurant, point of interest and attraction is located. What's unique is that you can view the map as a satellite image giving you a true idea of what's in store in resort!

What is Google Earth? - Google Earth is a ground breaking bit of software enabling you to 'fly' around the world looking in high detail at places and points of interest. We have spent hundreds of hours pin pointing hotels, bars restaurants and loads of other points of interest to help you find your way around while on your holiday. It's well worth a look!

Where can I get Google Earth? - Simply visit http://earth.google.com/ and download the software for FREE!

What's a layer file? - Simply put, a layer file is like a transparent bit of paper that's put over the current Google Earth map. On it are all the points of interest in and around Playa De Las Americas and you'll know you are using it because you'll see the Tenerife Uncovered logo appear in the top left corner of the screen.

I've found something that's wrong on the layer, what should I do? - The layer is pretty comprehensive but were only human and could easily have made a mistake. If you find something that's wrong then let us know on the message board in the Support section.
We're always updating the file so check back here for the latest version.

OK, enough talk! where can I download the layer file? - Download it here
Should I save the file or open it? - That depends. If you just want to have a nosey around then clicking open will download the file, launch Google Earth and activate the layer in one click. If you want to download the file to keep then click save.

Tip - To search through the points of interest, press CTRL + F on your keyboard to bring up the 'find' function.